Tuesday, September 8, 2009


A few months back, Kodak announced that it would no longer produce Kodachrome. I find this to be an absolutely terrible decision. Kodak said they would make one more batch. I HAD to shoot a roll.

I made countless phone calls months ago, and pre-ordered what seemed to be the last rolls available. Mind you, I called all the big photo suppliers, and only one, somewhat smaller retailer in the midwest could guarantee me a roll from this last batch being produced.

They called toady, and my heart sank. The woman on the phone told me that there were no Kodachrome PK rolls availible (the consumer version). But, for $3 more a roll, I could have the pro version. You better believe I jumped at the chance! Three rolls of Kodachrome 64 are on their way! Woohoo!!!

Any suggestions on what to shoot? I've only got 108 exposures, and I need to make sure every single one counts. No, I will not sell the film on Ebay. I want to make sure I get to own a piece of history, and shoot some kodachrome. It's ISO 64, which means I'm looking for bright sun.

35mm print film is equivalent to around 25 megapixels, full frame. Most digital cameras, even DSLRs only have an APS-C sensor, which does not give the same quality as full frame. Normal slide film is estimated to be around 35 megapixels, and Kodachrome would give something like 40, super saturated megapixels. The loss of film is a loss of history. One bad virus, and every photo you've ever taken is gone forever. It takes a lot to destroy Kodachrome. Shots taken in the 1950s still look as good as the day they were developed.

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