Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hot Stuff in a Squeeze Bottle

Hot Stuff in a Squeeze Bottle -

I love this stuff so much.

No, that's not my tattoo.


Anonymous said...

Just had a burger drowned in Sriracha, kickass tattoo

Pewp Sauce said...

You are retarded.

Huy Fong said...

Best. Tattoo. Ever.

Travis Mason said...

Hey, that's my tattoo.... If you post something, give some credit yo!


Anonymous said...

That is the most ridiculous tattoo I have ever seen! Why on Earth would you vandalize yourself with a Sriracha tattoo? Are you mentally deficient? Or did you just wake up one day and decide that you had to have your favorite hot sauce permanently branded on your leg? Either way, this is just a complete waste of time, money, tattoo ink, and web space.