Saturday, October 9, 2010


A very good friend of mine is participating in a breast cancer walk. You all should give her millions and billions of dollars. Her letter, and more info can be found right after the jump.

I'm participating in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk on October, 17, 2010 in Prospect Park Brooklyn (although, there are definitely several locations that will also host the walk, in case you wanted to join, as well...nudge nudge :-Þ).

I have a small goal to raise $500, and any help would be greatly appreciated.  I am not having a fundraising event like last year, but I am hoping to throw a little thank you party in November! (The party is not limited to those who have helped me with teh mulah, as even words of encouragement warrant a thank you)

If you have the ability to, my fundraising page can be found here:



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