Friday, January 15, 2010


BEHOLD!! A Bacon Salt gift pack unboxing!!  Thank you for supplying me with delicious KOSHER, VEGETARIAN, LOW SODIUM, happiness.

Check this out!!  More pictures after the jump (Yay, my first jump in a post)

First off, I must apologize for the quality of these shots. My camera is clearly dying. I changed the batteries twice, and each time it told me that the batteries were dead and stopped taking pictures after a few pics. I checked the batteries in a flashlight, and they work just fine. Hey, it's a 3 year old point and shoot that has about 2,500 shots on it. I can't ask for much more from it really.But yeah, the quality is clearly suffering. I've also got some dead pixels on the sensor.

Anyhow, the good stuff:

First, we have the packaging. A good sign of things to come. They call this the Ultimate Bacon Lover's gift pack. As an ultimate bacon lover myself, I'm curious to put this whole ultimate thingy to the test.

Upon opening the box, we see several items inside. From left to right we have Applewood flavor bacon salt, Cheddar Bacon Salt Maple Bacon Salt, Bacon flavored lip balm and Baconnaise.

The side of the box on the left reads "You must have been really really good this year" The right side text offers up the following:
"So what's your secret? Did you cure a previously incurable disease? Save a litter of kittens from a burning building? Abolish the designated hitter rule? Whatever it is, we stand in awe of your greatness. Clearly the person who gave you this limited edition Bacon Lover's gift set does, too. You now have the ability to make anything taste like bacon. Eggs? Bacon eggs. French Fries? Bacon Fries. Sandwich? Bacon Sammich. If you don't happen to be eating any food, but still want to enjoy it, generously apply your J&D's Bacon Lip Balm and make yourself taste like Bacon. That's a lot of power for one person. But, as good as you were this year, we trust you to use it wisely. Pig out, friend. "

A few comments about the above if I may. First off, I guess no one loves me like I love me, 'cause I bought this gift box for myself. That's actually kinda sad. I guess I'll have to drown my sorrows with bacon. Second, this being a limited edition gift set makes me feel all kinds of special.

Better shot of box contents. I agree that everything should taste like bacon.

Moving on, we have a closeup of the bacon salt jars.

Notice a few things on the labels. First, it says "Limited Edition" at the top. I guess that means I shouldn't eat them all in one sitting. Perhaps a bit of savoring is in order? Second, notice that it's low sodium.  Let's step back a moment and consider a few things.

We're talking about Bacon Salt  here. Notice the words Bacon and salt. 

1) How/why is a SALT low sodium? 
2) Since when is BACON Kosher?
3) Since when is BACON vegetarian?
4) Why are all these products so delicious?

We'll get back to these questions later. But first, more glorious pictures.

Closeup shot of Maple flavored salt

Now my friends, we come to something truly interesting. Bacon lip balm.

This isn't an item you should take for granted. It's more powerful than a three wolf moon shirt, but for your lips. You will get one of two reactions when you wear this. Half the population will try to eat your face, the other half will desperately try to "eat your face", AKA, make out with you hardcore. Seriously, I'm a blogger, that means I'm an expert on everything. Especially bacon, making out, and the combination of the two. What? Don't look at me like that! Just because I live in my mom's basement and have Star Trek sheets doesn't mean I've never kissed a girl... oh, wait. crap. I guess that's exactly what it means.

Anyhow, moving on, we have a shot of all the products out of the box, and what the empty box looks like.

In this last shot, you can see the side of the Baconnaise jar. It has a little bit of the J&D story on it, and most importantly you can see the Kosher Hechsher on the bottle.

Bacon Salt products are "O U" Kosher, which is the symbol for the Orthodox Union. The "D" next to the symbol indicates that this is a dairy product. I wanted to take a few more shots, but at this point my camera decided to quit altogether.

Remember our questions from earlier? Here's some answers:

1) Not all Bacon Salt is low sodium. These are because they contain sea salt. Sea salt, aside from being delicious has other salts in it besides sodium chloride (normal table salt). These salts are potassium salts amongst others. Less sodium salt means low sodium. Another advantage to sea salts is that they taste "saltier" than table salt, so you need less of it to make your food have a salty taste. Hooray for healthy bacon deliciousness!

2) Bacon isn't kosher, but if you notice, this is mostly artificially flavored. There are some natural flavorings in Bacon Salt products, but they don't come from swine flesh. They do come from milk byproducts, hence the dairy label.

3) So if it's not meat, but it contains dairy, how is it vegetarian? Well, It's not vegan friendly, but most would accept it as vegetarian. Especially those who still eat cheese. Most vegetarians I know do eat cheese and eggs.

4) Why are they all so delicious? Maybe it's because the magical gnomes that make this stuff are REALLY good at what they do.

It's kind of awesome that vegetarians and Kosher eaters can now enjoy Bacon. The flavor is really incredible. While it's a shame that you can't use the bacon salt on any kosher meat dishes, your morning egg and cheese sandwich will never be boring again.

I have not tried the Baconnaise yet, but you better believe that I'll be writing about it once I do.

Yay! BaCoN~!

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